When your ideas go global,
make sure they travel first class.

Alexandre, CEO

Your success matters !

We are in contact with the best agencies in the e-commerce industry to offer you a catalog of innovative solutions.

Our marketing techniques and strategies, as well as the technological aspects of them, are top-notch!

The solutions we provide will not only expand your sales, but also improve your reputation, set you as a reference in your industry, and enhance your SEO.

Octo Gone connects companies who sell online with the best experts in the domain. Each consultation is unique and leads to an customized plan.
Octo Gone service includes an audit, an implementation plan, and a follow-up. Everything in perfect confidentiality.
Your competitor won’t know before it’s too late for them. 


We provide an attentive and caring approach to meet your needs.

Feel free to express your concerns. No taboo ! We listen first, then we talk, then we act!


Your success is our success. We believe in long term commitment and will design a personalized follow-up for our solutions.

We want to be your long term partner!


A step-by-step implementation of the solutions in order to respect your employees and the specific pace of your company.